Message from the Director

Dear Parents, guardians and Sweetwater community members,

I am honored to lead the Department of Special Services. We take great pride in delivering special education and related services to over 4,800 students with disabilities. Our school psychologists provide crisis intervention and threat assessment to the entire Sweetwater population as needed.

Special Services is a department of the Teaching and Learning division of the district. Our primary mission is to support students with disabilities in accessing the general education program to as great an extent as possible. This includes services from speech to therapists, assistive technology specialists and other service providers. If required, a modified curriculum that parallels the general education program is available to students.

Sweetwater offers RSP (Inclusion Model) and SDC (Mild to Moderate) services at every one of our 23 comprehensive school sites. In addition, 19 schools have programs for students with Moderate to Severe disabilities. Student with visual and hearing impairments are typically served at their resident schools.

Please take some time to peruse our website and get to know our staff and the services they provide. Always feel free to contact my office with any questions or comments

Warmest regards,

Ron sign