T.P.P. (Transition Partnership Program)

TRANSITION The process of a student moving from school to work involving the family, school, community and area agencies to develop career success and empowered community members.

PARTNERSHIP Teamed with the California Department of Rehabilitation, TPP provides pre-employment and follow-up services for select students with special needs who are making the transition from school to vocational training or the world of work.

PROGRAM An individualized, positive and supportive approach to create successful student transition and career readiness.

For additional information and eligibility information, please contact us.

TPP Staff

Michelle Sturm-Gonzalez
Program Manager
(619) 796-7556

Kristina Josafat
TTP Employment Transition Specialist
(619) 796-7526

Manuel Lopez
TTP Program Facilitator
(619) 796-7521

Martha Chavarria
Administrative Assistant
(619) 796-7535