11. Case Manager Responsibilities

Responsibilities to Students Responsibilities to General Education Teachers

Responsibilities to Parents


– Keep a calendar of IEP Meetings and Due Dates

– Monitor delivery of special education and related services, as indicated on IEP

– Review progress on goals

– Prepare materials for annual review

– Gather data to show evidence of student’s progress

– Establish baselines for new goals


– Monitor progress in general education classes

– Establish a system for having weekly contacts for students who are monitor only

– Monitor in collaboration with counselor, credit required for graduation, promotions and credit recovery


– Advise general education teachers of student needs, accommodations and modifications

– Assist with needed accommodations

– Communicate supports that are available for students, including study skills

– Establish a system for contacting general education to teachers to monito student progress

– Encourage general education teachers to contact case managers for assistance

– At the beginning of the school year advise parents you are their child’s case manager

– Provide contact information

– Log all phone calls or contacts

– Explain your role as case manager

– Describe the contact you will have the general education teachers

– Define student’ responsibilities

– Request assistance in areas of need

– Inform about progress towards meeting goals