Parent Resources

Special Services provides support to families of students served by the SUHSD Special Services Department. This support includes links to resources, upcoming events, and parent meetings.



Parents Outreach Meetings Slides

Eye Doctores that will accept Medical (Doctores de Ojo (Optometristas) que aceptan Medical

2021-22 Parent Outreach Meetings (Powerpoint and Video Presentation)

Best Scholarship Search Platforms – a research guide of Best Scholarship Search Platforms.

Magoosh – a site dedicated to providing the most up-to-date college test preparation resources for exams like – the SAT,  ACT, GRE, GMAT, and more

Parent Resource Distance Learning Website (English)

Website de Recursos del Aprendizaje a Distancia (Español)

News / Events

Procedural Safeguards (English)

Procedural Safeguards (Aviso de Garantías Procesales en Español)

Find My School

Pertinent Information

Support and Involvement

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program

The Complete Guide to Scholarships for Students with Disabilities


Notice of Procedural Safeguard – English

Notice of Procedural Safeguard (Aviso de Garantías Procesales) – Spanish