Assistive Technology (AT)


Assistive Technology Specialists are professionals who work with IEP teams to evaluate the functional and educational needs for a student who is under consideration for assistive technology for the purpose of supporting accommodations that enhance his/her academic success.
Location of the service: Services are generally provided at students’ schools.


What is an Assistive Technology Specialist?
An assistive technology specialist analyzes the needs of individuals with disabilities, assists in the selection of the appropriate device or equipment to participate in activities of daily living, employment and education and trains the individual on how to properly use the specific device or equipment.

What is Assistive Technology?
Assistive Technology (AT) – any piece of equipment, or product system, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of students with disabilities.

What is Assistive Technology Service?
Any service that directly assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.  This may include: AT assessment; consultation; device trials; training for students, families and school site staff in the use of assistive technology devices; and support for device access.

What is AAC?
Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) – Any combination of aided or unaided communication modes including gestures, pictures, sign language, or speech generating devices used as a supplement or alternative to oral speech.