Special Education Academic Support Team (SEAST)

SUHSD Special Services works in collaboration with the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to meet the academic needs of our diverse learners. While the Office of Curriculum provides standards-based curriculum, Special Services provides instructional methodologies to enable the academic success of students with disabilities.
The district-based Special Education Resource Teachers provide a variety of services that are designed to support Special Services staff and students. They develop and provide training and specific topic presentations for the Special Services staff, school site staff and the community. Resource teachers monitor and support specific content classes, and consult with school site staff as requested. They also work on special projects and compliance issues.


            Special Education Academic Support Team (SEAST)
                               Responsibilities Chart   2015-2016

Mabelle Glithero, Program Manager
In charge of Academic Support Team

Christine Fax-Huckaby                                          Shiela Fernandez             
MVM, HTM, BVM, MOM                                              SOM, CPM, NCM, GRJ
ELM, AVA, Portal                                                        RDR, CVM
IEP Review Management                                           IEP Review Management
Fundamental Science                                                 Fundamentals ELA/Read 180
SEIS Liason                                                               ED PD Facilitator

Carla Jacobs                                                            Valerie Ruiz
SYH, SOH, SUH, SPH                                                 CVH, MOH, OHS, EHA
ELH, HTH, Alt.Ed.,                                                     MVH, ORH, BVH
LifeSchool, PAH                                                         Fundamentals Social Science
Fundamentals Math                                                  English Learner/ELD
IEP Review Management
Study Skills Facilitator