Visually Impaired

Mabelle Glithero, Program Manager
Phone Number: (619)  796-7556


We are committed to enabling students to maximize their successful participation in school and community.  Through the mastery of skills and the utilization of services, we guide them to develop an understanding of their challenges and acceptance of accommodations essential to optimize achievement throughout their lives and careers.  We believe in order to instill in our students a lasting desire for learning that:

 We share in our program’s vision;

  • We take pride in our job and the work we do;
  • We maintain training in our field to ensure quality instruction;
  • We acknowledge trustworthiness and dependability as key factors for our success;
  • We collaborate with and support parents, students, and school personnel in order to ensure our students’ success.

 Our Program is divided into four key sections:  Resource Teacher of the Vision Impaired, Itinerant Teacher of the Vision Impaired, Orientation and Mobility Specialist and Braille Transcriber.

       Program web site for our Vision Impaired Students


Visually Impaired Program Staff Members

Lorna Berliner, O&M Specialist
(619) 796-7520

Erin Brahe, O&M Specialist
(619) 796-7523

Rita Parrish, Visually Impaired Teacher
(619) 796-7522

Erika Priser, Visually Impaired Teacher
(619) 796-7521

Angela VanAppelen, Braille Transcriber
(619) 796-7524

Annabelle Gonzalez, Instructional Assistant

Alberto Nuñez, Instructional Assistant

Carmen Lopez-Burgos, Instructional Assistant