Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) Team

Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) are mental health services that are provided to students receiving special education services that have the service indicated on their IEP. These services are provided when students have significant socio-emotional or socio-behavioral needs that impede their ability to benefit from their special education services. Services are provided to assist students in making progress on social emotional goals outlined in the student’s IEP.

Location of Services: Services are generally provided at the students’ school.

Aaron Carrillo, LMFT

Karla Molina, LMFT

Kasey Lewandowski, LMFT

Renee Ortiz, LMFT

Camille Goodin, LMFT

Sergio Zamora, LMFT

Judith Romero, LMFT

Kathylee Valdez, LMFT

Marie Perez, LMFT

Paige Martin, LMFT

Valerie Holcomb, LMFT