Transition Services

Transition activities are those student services that incorporate educational opportunities, student interests, and available resources to support students with disabilities while in school to prepare for a meaningful postsecondary education, career and community participation.  In tandem with these transition services, SUHSD Special Services Department offers an array of opportunities such as Transition Courses, WorkAbility I, Transition Partnership Program, and California Career Innovations along with partnerships with our Adult Education Division and Community College programs that offer continuing educational experiences



Kristina Josafat, Transition Specialist
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Manuel Lopez, Transition Support Provider
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Transition Partnership Program (TPP) is a collaborative contract between California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)* and SUHSD to provide pre-employment skills training in the areas of: Job Exploration Counseling, Postsecondary Counseling, Workplace Readiness, and Self-Advocacy to qualifying students with special needs. The goal of this partnership is to facilitate transition aged youth with the move to the postsecondary world of employment, education/training and independent living.


What is required to participate?
TPP is open to students 16 years and up with an IEP or a qualifying 504. Each school year, TPP staff enrolls, approximately, 100 students district-wide. Staff identify students/families who are willing/able to commit to a designated training period. Students will be encouraged to participate in activities which may occur outside of the classroom/school day and be required to communicate extensively with TPP staff to ensure activities, timelines and requirements are met.

What are the services areas that could be provide?

  • Postsecondary Counseling
  • Workplace Readiness Training
  • Self-Advocacy Training
  • Job Exploration Counseling

Where/how are services provided?
Most services and supports will be provided at the school of instruction.  Service delivery ranges from large group to individual, 1:1, instruction.

What is the process to participate?
A TPP staff member will meet and screen the candidate to discuss the requirements and complete initial paperwork.  Once student paperwork is processed, Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) staff will meet with the student to complete the intake process. Once the intake paperwork has been processed, services, supports, instruction and opportunities can begin. Services end at the conclusion of the school-year or upon graduation (if earlier).

*The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy for individuals with disabilities.




Tammie Inumerable, Employment Development Specialist
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Workability I is an opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in paid and non-paid work experiences. It is the mission of WorkAbility I to promote and facilitate the involvement of key stakeholders in planning and implementing an array of school and work based services. We achieve this through planned and appropriately applied combinations of home, community, school and meaningful work-based learning experiences for WA1 students.
For more information on SUHSD Workability I program: