Glossary of Acronyms


ABA – Applied Behavioral Analysis
ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA – Average Daily Attendance
ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution
APE – Adapted Physical Education
ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder
AUT – Autism


BIP – Behavioral Intervention Plan
BSP – Behavior Support Plan


CAARE – Community Awareness, Advocacy And Resources for Education
CAASPP – California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
CAC – Community Advisory Committee
CAHSEE – California High School Exit Examination
CAPA – California Alternate Performance Assessment
CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates
CASEMIS – California Special Education Management Information Systems
CBHS – County Behavior Health Services
CCR – Coordinated Compliance Review
CCS – California Children Services
CCSS – Common Core State Standards
CDE – California Department of Education
CEC – County Education Council
CEC – Council for Exceptional Children
CELDT – California English Language Development Test
CH – Communicatively Handicapped
CIT – Crisis Intervention Training
COE – County Office of Education
CPI – Crisis Prevention Institute
CTA – California Teachers Association
CTAP – California Technology Assistance Program


D/HH – Deaf/Hard of Hearing
DB – Deaf Blind
DF – Deaf
DDS – Department of Developmental Services
DIS – Designated Instructional Services
DOB – Date of Birth
DOE – Department of Education
DOR – District of Residence
DOS – District of Service
DR – Department of Rehabilitation
DRDP – Desired Result Developmental Profile
DSS – Department of Social Services
DTT – Discreet Trial Training


EC – Education Code
ECE – Early Childhood Education
ED – Emotionally Disturbed
EL – English Learner
EMD – Established Medical Disability
ERMHS – Educationally Related Mental Health Services
ES – Early Start
ESEA – Elementary Secondary Eduction Act
ESL – English As A Second Language
ESY – Extended School Year


FAPE – Free, Appropriate, Public Education
FBA – Functional Behavioral Assessment
FEP – Fluent English Proficient
FFH – Foster Family Home
FIEP – Facilitated IEP


GED – General Education Diploma
GPA – Grade Point Average


HH – Hard of Hearing


IA – Interagency Agreement
IAES – Interim Alternative Educational Setting
ID – Intellectual Disability
IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEE – Independent Educational Evaluation
IEP – Individualized Education Program
IFSP – Individualized Family Services Plan
INF – Infant
IPG – Integrated Play Group
ISF – Interim Service Form
ITP – Individual Transition Plan


JSC – Juvenile Services Center


LCI – Licensed Children’s Institution
LEA – Local Education Agency (District)
LEP – Limited English Proficient
LI – Low Incidence
LRE – Least Restrictive Environment


MD – Multiple Disabilities
MH- Mental Health
MIS – Management Information System
MTSS – Multi-Tiered Systems of Support


NCLB – No Child Left Behind
NPA – Non Public Agency
NPS – Non Public School


OAH – Office of Administrative Hearings
OCR – Office of Civil Rights
OHI – Other Health Impaired
OI – Orthopedically Impaired
OM – Orientation/Mobility
OSEP – Office of Special Education Programs
OSERS – Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
OT – Occupational Therapist


PART B – Part of the IDEA for students ages 3-22
PART C – Part of the IDEA (Infant And Toddlers with Disabilities Program, ages 0-3), formerly Part H
PBIP – Positive Behavior Intervention Plan
PDD – Pervasive Development Disorder
PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System
PI – Program Improvement
PT – Physical Therapy
PTA – Parent Teacher Association


RSP – Resource Specialist Program
RTI – Response to Intervention
RTI2 – Response to Instruction and Intervention
RTLC – Regional Therapeutic Learning Class


SAFESOC – Safe System of Care
SARB – School Attendance Review Board
SARC – School Accountability Report Card
SAT 9 – Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition
SBAC – Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium
SEACO – Special Education Administrators of County Office
Section 504 – Section 504 of the RehabilitationAct of 1973
SEIS – Special Education Information System
SELPA – Special Education Local Plan Area
SEOC – Special Education Operations Committee
SESR – Special Education Self Review
SH – Severely Handicapped
SLD – Specific Learning Disability
SLI – Speech or Language Impairment
SLOCOE – San Luis Obispo County Office of Education
SLP – Speech Language Pathologist
SNIP – Special Needs Intervention Preschool
SPPI – State Performance Plan Indicators (replaces KPI)
SSID – Statewide Student IDentifiers
SST – Student Study Team
STAR – Standardized Testing And Recording


TASH – The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps
TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
TCRC – Tri-Counties Regional Center
TEACCH – Treatment And Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children
TPP – Transition Partnership Program

VI – Visually Impaired


WA1 – WorkAbility 1


YSDT – Youth Services Day Treatment
YSDTAC – Youth Services Day Treatment Advisory Committee