Especially for Parents

The following links lead to community, state and national organizations which offer support and resources for parents and students.

Pertinent Information
A Brief Summary of Parents’ Rights

A Directory of Official California State, County, and City websites

A Family’s Guide to Special Education

A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

A Parent’s Guide to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

A Parent’s Guide to the IEP

Access Center of San Diego, Independent Living Resources

California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) Video

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Information

Community Colleges and Universities

Facts about California Schools and districts

Family Village, Disability Related Resources

Family Voices of Special Children

FAPE, Families & Advocates Partnership for Education

Federal Employment of People with Disabilities

Federal Student Aid

Fiesta Educativa empowers Latino families of special needs persons

Free Research Tools for School Assignments

Government Links for Persons with Disabilities

Guidebook for California Foster Youth

Help for Parents with School problems, homework, and parenting tips

Higher Education’s Obligations to Students with Disabilities

Information for Travelers with Disabilities in San Diego

Information in general for Parents

Internet Recource for Special Children

Learning Disabilities Collaborative Action Network

Local District News for Parents

Low Cost Computers for Persons with Disabilities

Math Help for Your Student

Merriam-Webster OnLine, Dictionary and Thesaurus

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education

National Disability Agencies & Organizations

Office of Civil Rights ensures Equal Access to Education

Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services

ParentPals and Special Education

Resources for Vision Impaired Students

San Diego Area Government Information

San Diego Youth and Community Services

Steps to a Healthier You

Sweetwater Schools

Technology Resources

The California Education Trust-West

The Family Center on Technology & Disability

The Future of Children

The Youthhood for Students

Transition to Adult Living

Transition to Adult Living in SPANISH

Youth Law

Support & Involvement

Alliance for Parents Centers

California Disability Community Action Network

California Parent Organizations

California Reading List

Help for Parents with School problems, homework, and parenting tips

Helping Your Child Series in SPANISH, Ayudando a Su Nino

Helping Your Child Series, available for download

Increase Awareness of Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Information Regarding the Rights of Children with Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Collaborative Action Network

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities in SPANISH

Parents Helping Parents

San Diego County Office of Education