Special Services Support Staff – Certificated

Rita Parrish, Resource Teacher for The Visually Impaired
(619) 796-7522

Erika Priser, Teacher for The Visually Impaired
(619) 591-5193

Niki Manthos, Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Lorna Berliner, Orientation & Mobility Specialist for The Visually Impaired
(619) 796-7520

We are teachers of students with visual impairments for the district. The three of us service the vision needs of the 40+ students in our district who all have a visual impairment including some who have additional disabilities. We provide instruction in Braille and the Nemeth Code (the Braille code for Math and Science), the Expanded Core Curriculum, as well as support our students in being able to access their course curriculum using a variety of accommodations, manipulatives, and assistive technology. Along with our Orientation and Mobility instructor Lorna Berliner, our goal is to make our students as independent as possible once they leave our district and regardless of the severity of their visual impairment.


Jason Schmidt, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), Assistive Technology
(619) 796-7540

Selene Anguiano, Speech Language Pathologist, Assistive Technology
(619) 795-7507

Ashton Tanner, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA),  Assistive Technology
(619) 796-7514

Assistive Technology Specialists participate in the development and presentation of professional development for school site personnel and parents to support delivery of instruction and access to curriculum for students with disabilities. Assists in the implementation of the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) through strategies and practices for teaching and instructional experiences with a focus on students’ unique abilities and styles. Review research, effectiveness, and utilization of instructional technology and assistive technology to support delivery of instruction and access to curriculum for students with disabilities. Consults with school site personnel in the implementation of strategies to support technology access for instruction as pre-referral interventions that reduce inappropriate referrals for special education programs and services.  Review data to ensure that student-learning outcomes are successful through access to instructional technology and assistive technology for students with disabilities. Participate in the planning and implementation of effective practices and procedures related to assistive technology assessment, equipment provision, and service, including review of IEP documentation. Provides support for school site teams and District staff regarding the assistive technology program. Review device orders for assistive and other technology devices. Supports Assistive Technology devices trials, including procurement and management of devices and equipment. Performs other duties as assigned in accordance with the District/SEA Agreement.


Joseph Kreitinger, Counselor
(619) 796-7542


Kitty Cancino, Resource Teacher, Career Coach
(619) 796-7580

My name is Kitty Cancino and I am a California Career Innovations (CCI) transition career coach, using work-based learning experiences for students with disabilities on achievement in postsecondary education and competitive integrated employment (CIE).


Kristina Josafat, Resource Teacher, TPP Employment Transition Specialist 
(619) 796-7526

TPP Employment Transition Specialist is a resource teacher position supported by a collaborative contract between SUHSD and Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). The work is focused on facilitating successful client transition into the postsecondary world of decision making, managing finances, disability disclosure, exploring career/employment options, etc. The program serves 100 clients, annually, who are identified and enrolled in the Transition Partnership Program.  The TPP Employment Transition Specialist provides guidance, opportunities, instruction and curriculum to TPP teachers to support clients in the umbrella areas of:

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences
  • Postsecondary Counseling
  • Workplace Readiness Training
  • Self-Advocacy Training


Jacob Dominguez, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)/Operations and Projects
(619) 796-6757

As a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) my job duties include working with various departments in compliance specific matters such as the IEP and ITP process, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation. Additionally, part of my duties include parent outreach, extended school year planning and implementation as well as developing professional development and coaching for instructional and compliance improvement. Finally, as TOSA I also collect, review and maintain student records following special education procedures in order to analyze and present orally and in writing a variety of quantitative and qualitative data.


Reid Burns, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)/Behavior Support Team (BeST)
(619) 796-7531

Dan Smirniotis, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), Moderate/Severe
(619) 796-7519

My name is Dan Smirniotis and I provide support to the Moderate and Moderate/Severe classrooms in the district. This includes curriculum, planning, equipment, and testing. I lead professional development sessions for teachers and classroom staff on a variety of instructional and behavioral topics. I am a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) trainer. As a member of the Behavior Support Team, I collaborate with classroom teams on the development and implementation of behavior intervention plans.


Sesha Haynes, Resource Teacher
(619) 796-7500

My name is Sesha Haynes and I am the SUHSD Special Services Resource Teacher for the M/M program.  I am here to support any teacher that supports students with disabilities in any way.  This includes collab and co-teach support and PD, curriculum needs, IEP support, as well as supporting teachers with structured student interaction activities in the classroom.
I also support the CCi grant as a career coach where I am working with 75 seniors in preparing them for life after high school.  This included lessons, resume building, and job hunting.


Julie Barker-Rachow, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)/ Alternative Educational Placements
(619) 796-7500

Chelsea JohnsonAugmentative and Alternative Communication Specialist (AAC Specialist)
(619) 795-7540